Auf dem von Greenpeace Polen organisierten “Climate Hub” aus Anlass der UN – Klimakonferenz wird unser
Dokumentarfilm “Count Down am Xingu V” gezeigt:

Climate Alliance event | 04.12.2018 | Katowice, Poland
Change the Power – (Em)Power to Change: The battle for land and water in Amazonia

In the framework of the UN Climate Change Conference | 9:00 – 10:00 | Climate Hub (open to the public)

In May 2016 Belo Monte on the River Xingu, a tributary of the Amazon River was officially opened. To make way for the world’s third largest dam, swaths of rainforest were cleared, fishermen and indigenous communities were displaced and 40,000 people were forcefully relocated. The end game: to generate electricity for multinational aluminium manufacturing companies. In the words of the public prosecutor, “all this goes against the law”.
Countdown on River Xingu V (documentary, short version 25 min) focusses on the penultimate construction phase of this mega dam: the flooding of the land. It reveals how the project came to be and what went on behind the scenes to make it happen. A scandal surrounding Brazil’s oil company Petrobras implicating major Brazilian construction companies and politicians is no small piece of the story.
After the screening we would like to discuss with our partners and the audience not only the question of impacts, but explore the vital topic of responsibility as well as alternative approaches towards a future-proof energy transition.

Speakers: Silke Lunnebach, Climate Alliance and Dietmar Mirkes, Action Solidarité Tier Monde (ASTM)

Climate Alliance event in coopeation with Climate Alliance Luxembourg / ASTM