ANATOLIKI SA participates in the Panorama of Ecological Movies

ANATOLIKI SA participates in the “Panorama of Ecological Movies”, organized by Elliniki Etairia- Society for the Environment and Culture Heritage, with the documentary “Countdown on Xingu River V”.

The documentary, directed by Martin Kessler, which will be screened on Wednesday, February 5th, at the Greek Film Archive in Athens, addresses the issue of creating large-scale technical projects aimed at developing renewable energy, raising the question of whether the creation of such projects is at the end environmentally friendly.

Specifically, Belo Monte, the third largest dam in the world, on the Amazon River Xingu tributary, was launched in May 2016. To create the dam, parts of the rainforest were cleared, fishermen were displaced and 40,000 indigenous were compulsorily relocated, to generate electricity for multinational aluminum companies as well as to support Brazil’s emerging economy.

The film refers to the penultimate phase of the construction of this mega-dam: the flooding of the land. It reveals how all this came about and what went behind the scenes. It reports on the huge corruption scandal surrounding ‘Petrobas’, implicating major Brazilian construction companies. At the same time, the documentary strongly criticizes the European companies that supply mechanical equipment to this “mega-dam madness”.

Uncontrolled fires in the Amazon, in Siberia and more recently in Australia are not “irrelevant” to anthropogenic interference with the natural environment, making the subject of the 95 minutes documentary, particularly topical.

One movie – One discussion

The short version of the documentary (25’) will be screened at the 4th Verde-tec International Fair organized on March 20th-22nd, followed by a discussion on Climate Change with the presence of the director Martin Kessler.

The documentary is being screened as part of the project “Change the Power – (Em) Power to Change: Local Authorities towards SGDs and Climate Justice”, in which ANATOLIKI SA participates as a partner. The project aims at awareness raising towards the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The consortium also includes Communities from the Amazon and is co-financed by the EU DEAR-Development Education and Awareness Raising Program.